Friday, September 25, 2015

Storytime: Dots & Lines

Wiggle Song: Wiggle Song


Hello Song: Let's All Go to Storytime


Story: Doodleday by Ross Collins


This is a longer story than I usually read at pre-K storytime, but the kids were engrossed.  I kept them engaged by asking what they would draw to get rid of the fly/spider/bird, etc.  We got some really great answers!

Before reading, I also asked the kids if they knew what "doodle" meant.  It took a few raised hands, but the third kid knew exactly what it meant!

Scarf Song: We Wiggle and Wiggle and Stop (courtesy of Jbrary)


After passing out the scarves, we first did a variation of the song with "We doodle and doodle and stop!" in connection with the story.

We wiggle and wiggle and stop 
We wiggle and wiggle and stop 
We wiggle and wiggle and wiggle and wiggle and wiggle and wiggle and stop  

We wave… 
We twirl… 
We clap.. 
We jump…

Scarf Song: Little Bo Peep (courtesy of Jbrary)


Have kids hide the scarf behind their back and shake it when you get to "wagging their tails behind them."

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep 
And doesn’t know where to find them 
Leave them alone, and they’ll come home 
Wagging their tails behind them.

Story: Lots of Dots by Craig Frazier


Great story for interaction.  I let the kids identify the dots after reading each page and then we had a quick memory exercise at the end where we named some of the dots we had seen.

Flannel Activity: Dot Monster


Pass out polka dots of many colors, one to each child, then introduce Boo, the polka dot monster who loves polka dots (but has none!).

Original idea from Storytime ABCs.  I rewrote the song slightly to better suit our needs.  This is sung to "I'm a Little Teapot" and is great for clapping along.

I'm a little monster, friendly and bright.
I promise I won't give you a fright.
I really love polka dots, but I have none.
So step right up and give me [color] ones.

This went well for the Monday group, but on Tuesday, they stormed the monster before we even got to sing the song once.  So once all of his polka dots were up, we just sang a "thank you" song from the monster at the end.

Closing Song: Tickle the Clouds

Craft: Play-doh


This was our first experiment with a completely process-based craft time.  I set out two dozen cans of Play-Doh and lots of tools including mini cookie cutters, rolling pins, and molding knives (all designed for Play-Doh) and let the kids have fun!  For those who still wanted to take a "Storytime Souvenir" home, I also had some Do-A-Dot pages.  Everyone loved the Play-Doh and I plan to do this once a month now.

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